If you are a current RIT student - DO NOT log into the mylife portal. Everyone submitting a Tiger Concern Report must click on the orange button below labeled: BEGIN TIGER CONCERN REPORT

This Tiger Concern Report is used to share concerns about an RIT student’s behavior or mental health with the Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT). Expressing concern shortly after an issue is raised or an incident has occurred can help with early intervention and success.

When completing this form, please be as thorough, specific, and objective, as possible. Tell us why you are concerned about the student. For example, share with us what you have witnessed and/or heard that has made you concerned. Make sure to include the student’s name and RIT email, as well as any other information that could assist us in identifying the person you are concerned about.

If you choose to remain anonymous, please note that you will not receive any follow up.

Thank you for sharing your concern!